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Excellence in care and comfort

First Choice Healthcare was introduced to my family as an option when my dad’s health began to show signs of decline and his engagement with treatment was diminishing. We spoke with a number of local hospice agencies – all of whom were known to provide excellence in care and comfort – but there was something unique about our conversation with First Choice that was observable in our initial conversation and remained prominent throughout dad’s care: an invitation to be active member of their care team.

The director was not a name. Irina was a new friend and she was available via text/phone 24/7 if anything were to arise. Irina lovingly orchestrated dad’s care team, which included a doctor, a social worker, a nurse and a CNA.

Nijole and Olga were our team. They visited our home throughout the week. Due to COVID, it was a comfort that we were allowed to minimize the exposure to providers and have the same two professionals be the ones that interacted with dad. It also allowed him to build a relationship with these women. Together Nijole and Olga gave comfort and dignity to those final months of dad’s life. My mom, who was initially active with the caregiving during the early months, developed her own health issues. First Choice became another set of eyes on these changes and thoughtfully suggested how to increase support for mom when it became apparent that she was beginning to need her own assistance.

From early April until May 29th, First Choice was a companion to my dad, my mom and to me. My family will be forever grateful for the loving care my dad received from First Choice.