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Thank you so much!

Dear Irina,

I want to thank you and everyone at First Choice for all the help we received in the last months of my wifes’s life.

The quality of care that your company provided was beyond any expectations. I am especially grateful for your emotional support, for being just a phone call away. My daughter and grandchildren live in a different state and without this extra support it would be very hard for me to provide all the care that my wife needed. At my age, navigating all the healthcare information under stress and time pressure would be just impossible. Your knowledge of the system was a huge help.

From the moment the First Choice started services, the overall care for my wife was so much better, and we could enjoy being together at home a little longer. It was also very comforting to see that she liked and trusted everyone. I felt that everything will be taken care of, and she does not need to worry about me (as she always did, in our 60 years together).

Thank You very much for doing such a difficult job so well.

Best wishes to all of you.